Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Things not part of my 1000 list

  1. Praying my mom is recovering
  2. Snow predicted this weekend- no accumulation (we will see)
  3. Rob Bell's Love Wins
  4. No opinion, yet
  5. Tomorrow nights' dinner, Ledo's Lasagna
  6. Avoiding turning the TV on during the day, succeeding 50% of the time
  7. I'm crazy about my husband
  8. I love my Best Friend
  9. I learn new technical things often (I made a 3-way call on my cell today, first time)
  10. My favorite toy is still my NOOKColor

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


  1. my mom, this might be a repeat, but she's in the hospital

  2. rain

  3. green grass

  4. spring flowers

  5. manicure

  6. pedicure

  7. haircut

  8. Bob Evans

  9. a cool breeze

  10. a nice jacket.....

Please pray for my mom, Arlene. She is in the hospital and I have very little information about what is going on. It seems that when my sister tries to get information no one is around for her to get any. My mom is on oxygen and went in to ER with chest pains and that is about all we know other than her blood sugar is very high.

I have to remember God is bigger than any thing we go through and although we seem to view God through our human eyes and give him human attributes is is omnipotent and in control.

Although she won't read this blog or any other, I just want to say, MOM, I LOVE YOU!

Monday, March 21, 2011

OK, Sharon get your groove on

  1. Weight Watchers
  2. Yogurt
  3. apples
  4. lean meats
  5. reduce carbs
  6. increase fiber
  8. It can't be avoided!
  9. Visualize
  10. Enjoy the journey.

Any guesses on what my ten things are about? Yep, weight loss. It's not just (I am not foolish enough to say it's NOT) looking good and looking svelte. It really is primarily about good health. Interestingly enoungh most of us give very little thought to *good health* until our health starts falling apart.

I need to get my groove on, really I do. Losing weight first begins in the brain or atleast for me it does. I need to figure all this stuff out and put it into action. It is like quitting smoking, it first was a head thing and then I quit. I did it and that has been fourteen years ago. This gives me great hope and I know that I can concur this weight thing too.

HUGS, Sharon

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tonight was FUN and 10 more things

Went to the Irish concert tonight. We had a lot of fun. Two of our grand daughters went with us and are spending the weekend. Tomorrow we will be celebrating the birthday of my mother-in-law, Betty. She will be 89. Holy Smokes! I hope to live to be at least 89, and to live as overall healthy as she has. Now with my next 10.....Also if you see a repeat since this will be 1000 different things let me know so I can change it.
  1. photographs
  2. showers
  3. clean sheets
  4. smoke-free house
  5. newspapers
  6. dishwasher
  7. indoor plumbing
  8. blueberries
  9. West Virginia
  10. Maryland

Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 things Plus Some Computer Insight

  1. FaceBook
  2. Blogs
  3. Face to Face Conversations
  4. Cell Phones
  5. Bible Study with GAB
  6. Hair Color
  7. Comfy Shoes
  8. the Color Green
  9. Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Carrots
  10. St. Patrick's Day


FB chatting with some long time computer friends, I mean like almost 9 yrs. We met on a scrapbook website now we chat about lots of things not just paper and embellies. Today it was haircuts and hair color. Will we won't we? Some days it may be about our children, our spouses, the weather. Although I haven't met these ladies in person I feel as though I know them. In fact one of my facebook friends, I met at least 13-14 yrs ago at the No-Smoke Cafe, yep, online. She and I and several others were trying to quit smoking and we did. I will be smoke free 14 yrs in July. Anyway we did meet face to face at Universal Studios, Orlando. So, who knows when and how you will strike up a friendship and how long these friendships last. Mine have lasted a long time and for that I am thankful!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


  1. quiet time

  2. reading

  3. dinner

  4. my Mom and Dad

  5. my plants

  6. not working outside the home

  7. or if I choose working outside the home

  8. 70*+ weather

  9. my golf clubs

  10. a good or not so good golf game

I had a really nice day today. No TV, Music, or computer. I spent the day doing the daily stuff, making a bed, doing dishes, laundry, that kind of stuff. I read in between a FREE book I downloaded to my NookColor. The book was a quick read and interesting enough that I will probably purchase the sequel. It was so quiet in the house, I loved that. We visited my mother-in-law at the rehab center. She seems to be feeling better, that is good news and probably a good indication she will be returning home soon.

It has been interesting to see how God is working in our lives and the lives of those around us. Check out blogs in my sidebar. He is so concerned with his creation that he even provides for his animals. That's a hint to check out Morning Bray Farm and read about Patrick. Then there is God's Amazing Power (blog also in sidebar), it shows how he sees and answers the desires of our heart. Check them out. I have a scrapbook and card blog I follow, and a photo blog I think you might like both of them.

I hope your evening and tomorrow is Blessed beyond Measure.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 more

1. God
2. Second cup of Coffee
3. my Cat, Tabatha
4. Warm Socks
5. A cup of tea
6. Caffiene
7. My Nookcolor
8. My husbands paintings
9. Crockpot
10. The knowledge JB shares with me.

I think the first 100 or 200 hundred will be fairly easy to come up with, then what?