Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

We are here in Maryland just waiting to see if the weatherman is correct about our projected weather forecast. That's what we do here, (wait) we can have a forecast of snow, ice, rain (that's what they are saying now) and it may pass us by. Where I live is in a valley, we are surrounded by mountains in the shape basically of a horseshoe, so when the weather comes in from the south we can get slammed or not, but if it comes from the northwest, almost always it splits at the mountains and we get little or nothing.
With all that being said, I was getting to a point,...really a point. I spent the some of my day running between two stores. The snow theory sends us to the store for the necessities like toilet paper, bread, milk, chocolate, popcorn, etc, Especially since I haven't been home for the past two weeks there were things we needed.
Two cool things about today and the important point I wanted to post, my husband went to the stores with me, and he cooked dinner.
Lasagna. Delicious.
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Have a Blessed evening, stay warm and safe.

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