Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Home

It's the Hair ---------------------->>>>>>

Two weeks ago today I went to visit Sarah and help her with the kids as she recovered from the birth of Harper. Well, it is interesting to see the hand of God in everyday things. He allowed for me to be exactly where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. Sarah ended up in the hospital three days after I arrived and was in the hospital for a week! Thankfully, JB came down on that Wednesday evening and stayed for 4 days and then I was on my own for the next few days while Jere (Sarah's hubby) tended to her. Anyway, I am glad I went there and was able to help her, and I am glad I was able to bond with my newest grandchild, and I am glad I was able to spend time with the other two grandchildren. I am going to miss those kids! Sarah was on many prayer lists, and I am thankful that God had her in the palm of his hand and that she is home and feeling much better.
Today, I am thankful to be home and tonight I will sleep in my own bed. I am also thankful that my husband has taken me to and from Chesapeake, Va. I am also thankful that Sarah and Jere took us to Shogun Restaurant for dinner last night. Thank You!

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