Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Day before the BIG DAY! Well, NEXT YEAR will be the BIG DAY! PLUS 10 Things.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I always have mixed feeling the day before, especially this year. Every year before _0 year, like 20, 30, 40, 50, 60......I have this no turning back experience. Getting older doesn't bother me it's just weird knowing that next year is _0 year and that makes this a no turning back birthday.
This past year 10 Things-
  1. New Grandchild
  2. Two Golf Trips
  3. NookColor
  4. Unemployed by choice
  5. Snowstorm or two
  6. Knitting
  7. Kuerig
  8. Two Beth Moore Simulcasts
  9. Stink Bugs (not Good)
  10. Learning to Relax

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Late

I took a class on NOOKColor this evening. Some of the things I knew from reading the users manual. I did learn a couple of cool things and the Barnes&Noble employees are VERY helpful!
I really like my new tech-toy. I especially like the free book downloads!
Not much else new, we had a heck of a snow here yesterday. People were stranded on highways, some took hours and hours to get home while others abandoned their cars and I don't know what they did.
Calling for snow tomorrow about an inch, but on top of what we had.....
I am usually a snow lover, NOT so much this year...I'm just sayin'
I guess the good news is having winter snows helps keep the water table up so that's a good thing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Evening 10 things

  1. NOOKcolor
  2. JB
  3. SNOW (lots of SNOW)
  4. Cookies (courtesy of a neighbor)
  5. My friend Babs
  6. Good Health
  7. Love (Isn't it the Best)
  8. My niece Justina and her Donkeys
  9. My niece Jennifer, she is a great Mom.
  10. My daughters, Heather, Staci and Sarah. I love them!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It *IS* a Surprise!

This is it a NOOKcolor. JB is gifting me with this for my birthday.
I have done research, and I think this is the one for me.
I will keep you all updated on what I think of it, when I get it!
UPDATE: The NOOKcolor is sold out in Frederick.
We went to Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and Walmart, all three places are sold-out.
I have found a B&N that has several so JB is picking it up tomorrow. My Birthday isn't till Sunday, but I wanted it by Thursday because B&N is having a how-to class.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursdays 10 Things

Drove for the 1st time in a month
Saw my GAB (Gals and Bibles) ladies today
McDonalds Coffee
Very Chatty today (me)
Watered my Neighbors plants
Organized bookshelf
Hair Trim
Happy Thoughts
Everyone has Baggage, it's how you unpack it that Counts!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm Afraid of Horses

But I love these boots. When I bought them I had big plans, baling hay, mucking stalls, shoeing horses, NOT! I just LOVE them.

The title of this blog is true. I am afraid of horses. I was bitten on the leg by a horse. I may have been maybe 7 yrs old. I really try to like horses but I am fearful.
Just a Wednesday TidBit.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bright Eyes and Hair Bow

Her momma is having fun with her hair! Her older sister and brother had none so this is a novelty.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday Night

SNOW, so far the weathermen are right!

Monday, Monday

We are here in Maryland just waiting to see if the weatherman is correct about our projected weather forecast. That's what we do here, (wait) we can have a forecast of snow, ice, rain (that's what they are saying now) and it may pass us by. Where I live is in a valley, we are surrounded by mountains in the shape basically of a horseshoe, so when the weather comes in from the south we can get slammed or not, but if it comes from the northwest, almost always it splits at the mountains and we get little or nothing.
With all that being said, I was getting to a point,...really a point. I spent the some of my day running between two stores. The snow theory sends us to the store for the necessities like toilet paper, bread, milk, chocolate, popcorn, etc, Especially since I haven't been home for the past two weeks there were things we needed.
Two cool things about today and the important point I wanted to post, my husband went to the stores with me, and he cooked dinner.
Lasagna. Delicious.
Please check out my sidebar for a Urgent Prayer Request. Also if you have any prayer request you would like to share please do. If you would like to add them to my sidebar I will.
Have a Blessed evening, stay warm and safe.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


My first Sunday back to church since the 26th of December. It was so good to see everyone. These people are JB's and my other family.
I slept great last night in my own bed. Too Good. At 3:30 am I woke up, then again at 6 am, finally got up around 7ish. My point at 3:30 I could have gotten up and started my day. NOT!
I sure miss the kiddos, but I also am glad to be home with my husband.
Went to Panera's for lunch after church. My favorite food is their Mediterranean Vegetarian sandwich. I also had a bowl of their Tomato Soup. Yummy.
If you get the opportunity check out Intentional Sisterhood in my sidebar.
Enough of the rambling, have a great day.
BTW, God IS doing a NEW THING.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Home

It's the Hair ---------------------->>>>>>

Two weeks ago today I went to visit Sarah and help her with the kids as she recovered from the birth of Harper. Well, it is interesting to see the hand of God in everyday things. He allowed for me to be exactly where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. Sarah ended up in the hospital three days after I arrived and was in the hospital for a week! Thankfully, JB came down on that Wednesday evening and stayed for 4 days and then I was on my own for the next few days while Jere (Sarah's hubby) tended to her. Anyway, I am glad I went there and was able to help her, and I am glad I was able to bond with my newest grandchild, and I am glad I was able to spend time with the other two grandchildren. I am going to miss those kids! Sarah was on many prayer lists, and I am thankful that God had her in the palm of his hand and that she is home and feeling much better.
Today, I am thankful to be home and tonight I will sleep in my own bed. I am also thankful that my husband has taken me to and from Chesapeake, Va. I am also thankful that Sarah and Jere took us to Shogun Restaurant for dinner last night. Thank You!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Siesta Scripture Memory Team

Memorizing Scripture with 6000 plus other women, and possibly a few brave men. I'll be memorizing 2 Scriptures a month and my husband is committed to participating, but his goal is to memorize The Lords Prayer in Hebrew.
My goal for memorizing is to learn to have Scripture in my heart and mind so that when I start that path of negative thoughts, I can have Scripture to replace them. You can't think Two thoughts at the same time.
Maybe you would be interested in participating in this journey, I know I would love to have you join us.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 Things, No particular Order

New Blog

Daughter home from hospital

See husband tomorrow

Harper 4 weeks old today

God answers prayer

Great friends

Romans 8:37 Small Group

Blessed Life

Beth Moore Blog

unmerited [ʌnˈmɛrɪtɪd]
not merited or deserved

copied from:

God Loves You. He Even Likes You.
Every now and then we need to be reminded that God really loves us. Some of us struggle with this notion especially when we have sinned or experienced a shortcoming. Some times we don’t feel very lovable. But consider this:

1.Before you were ever formed in you mother’s womb God knew you and loved you (Jer. 1:4)
2.God knit you together in your mother’s womb (Ps 139:13)
3.You are fearfully wonderfully made (Ps 139:14)
4.Every one of your days and deeds were written in God’s book before one of them ever came to be. (Ps. 139:16)
So God knew you and planned for you. You cannot earn his love you already have it. In fact you had it before you were born, before you had done anything. As for your sins God knew all about them too. Sin does not cancel God’s love but it does limit and ultimately sever our acceptance of that love. “Ah but what about Hell?” you might say. Yes a great tragedy, but do you suppose that God’s love does not extend there also? After all God does not destroy the souls in hell. He still sustains and provides for them. He loves them still. It is they who do not love him or His kingdom and he will not force it on them.

So face it God loves you, he even likes you. He does not love you because you deserve it. He loves you for “no good reason.” His love cannot be explained in any human terms. He loves you simply because he does, because he is Love. If you have never experienced this love, get on your knees and ask for this necessary gift.