Wednesday, March 23, 2011


  1. my mom, this might be a repeat, but she's in the hospital

  2. rain

  3. green grass

  4. spring flowers

  5. manicure

  6. pedicure

  7. haircut

  8. Bob Evans

  9. a cool breeze

  10. a nice jacket.....

Please pray for my mom, Arlene. She is in the hospital and I have very little information about what is going on. It seems that when my sister tries to get information no one is around for her to get any. My mom is on oxygen and went in to ER with chest pains and that is about all we know other than her blood sugar is very high.

I have to remember God is bigger than any thing we go through and although we seem to view God through our human eyes and give him human attributes is is omnipotent and in control.

Although she won't read this blog or any other, I just want to say, MOM, I LOVE YOU!

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